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Earthquake Preparedness  Hints

Family,  Business & Neighborhood



Emergency Backpack

Several companies (Lowes, Home Depot, Office Depot, Emergency Essentials) offer emergency backpacks for sale

You can make your own Emergency Backpack inexpensively. Walmart, Target, and Costco carry fairly inexpensive cordura zip backpacks.  Choose a backpack size and durability that will fit your needs and consider these suggested items to include:

__Whistle (for emergency responders rescue)

__Contact list - whom to call in an emergency - include __Names and ___phone#'s of at least 2 out of state relatives

     to contact after an earthquake to notify of your status

__Spare heavy duty shoes or workboots

__Dry socks (keeping your feet dry can make a lot of difference to your overall body temperature)

__Pair of blue jeans

__Work shirt

__Leather work gloves like Wells Lamont - Heavy Duty Gloves

__Waterproof matches - 2 boxes in ziplock bag

__Water bottles (filled)

__Emergency Blanket

__Some first aid kit items

  • bandaids
  • gauze roll (head wounds etc)
  • tape
  • sterile antiseptic and oinment (Neosporin, Bactine or other)
  • ace bandage
  • tylenol or aspirin
  • thermometer

__Toilet paper

__Flashlight with __extra batteries

     (store the batteries in a ziplock baggie instead of in the flashlight to preserve baterry life)

__Copy of your family evacaution plan with a __ local map

__Can opener (non-electric)

__Walkie Talkie   if your family uses walkie-talkies - set to pre-agreed upon frequency channel

__Currency in small bills (ATM machines, Credit Card processing may be offline for extended times)

__Swiss Army knife or Leatherman multi-tool

__Extra Prescription medication  if you require it

__Transistor radio - with  extra batteries kept in ziplock baggie instead of in the radio

__Granola bars or trailmix or powerbars (non-perishables)

__Hat with LED Visor lights from Lowes or Home Depot or online

__Rain Poncho - even here in California you will be glad you have one on hand

__Adjustable wrench for turning off gas

__Wetwipes or sterile wipes in folipak


Do you know the location of your nearest local evacuation center ?

The City of Santa Clara has established temporary emergency shelters for housing-displaced residents.

See Google Map These are the current locations:

City of Santa Clara Community Recreation Center

969 Kiely Blvd. Santa Clara 95051

City of Santa Clara Senior Center

1303 Fremont Street Santa Clara 95050

City of Santa Clara Youth Activity Center

2450 Cabrillo Ave. Santa Clara 95051


If you live in another Bay Area City or Town - check with your City Offices to see if they have pre-designated Emergency Shelters for residents.  Include this information in your own Family Evacuation Plan.

Evacuation Plan Templates.... each of these FREE plan downloads below cover different aspects of what to include in your own family plan for evacuation, we suggest downloading all 3 versions and using the parts of each plant that seem best for your own family situation.

Ready Gov template

Red Cross template

Sample Plan template

City of Santa Clara's EQ Prep site



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