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Earthquake Preparedness  Hints

Family,  Business & Neighborhood



How To...

After a Disaster: LifeWorks


Notify Your Local Fire Dept if you have a frail, elderly or special needs person living at your home

Prepare an Insurance Claim after a disaster

Turn off the Gas to your home or business

Turn off the Water  Supply

Turn off the Power - properly

Strap your water heater

Carry a Pet Emergency Card

if you have pets at home

YOu can order your personalized laminated Pet Emergency Card from Birdtek.com

General Tips for Pet Owners from California OES

Specific Tips for Birdkeepers

Tips for Disabled or non-ambulatory persons

Tips for the Elderly

Make an Emergency Backpack

Evacuation Plan Templates

Ready Gov template

Red Cross template

Sample Plan template

Organizing Your Neighborhood

California's OES has produced a brief document containing tips and suggestions for how to organize your neighborhood for first response if emergency services are unable to get to your neighborhood right away after a quake.

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Emergency Blankets

Waterproof Blankets

Layering clothing

Thinsulate or Polypropylene

long underwear and socks

Keeping your feet dry and warm

Prepare a way to take care  of bathroom needs with a portable bucket-type porta-potty and pop privacy shelter  see  version  1  or 2 or 3. Many camping stores have these items available. Shopping online will give you a better price comparison. Line buckets with heavyduty trash can liners for easy quick disposal.We found the seats available at reasonable prices here: iPrepare

LuggableLoo add to your own 5 or 6 gallon bucket from Home Depot or Lowes

Storing Water for your family

Storing Water for your Pet(s)

Water supply disruption may last much loinger than expected



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